Introduction: The new and highly effective Mobile Channel

The use of mobile phones has now reached unprecedented numbers - by the end of 2010, roughly 2.3 billion people across the globe had a mobile phone, twice the number of those using the Internet. The mobile channel has made it possible to reach these on-the-go consumers - anytime and anywhere. Encashing this opportunity requires a good understanding of mobile marketing basics, from devices and networks to consumer best practices and advertisement standards.

Brands and ad agencies need to consider several key technologies, opportunities and issues when developing and executing a mobile campaign.

  • Mobile Eco System, including Mobile Operators and Content and Application developers

  • Capabilities of today's Mobile Handsets and networks

  • SMS short code, including how to configure them and how to develop a marketing campaign using them

  • Guidelines and best practices, which ensure the mobile marketing campaigns are transparent, fair and consumer-friendly

  • How to maximize the mobile channel's effectiveness, including using mobile music and graphics to build brand awareness and a buzz


Mobile marketing based on SMS / text messaging channel offers a large number of excellent benefits:

  • Immediacy
    Mobile campaigns are relatively easy to create and execute, with messages being delivered to recipients in a matter of seconds.

  • Reach
    Delivery of SMS messages to mobile phones is almost guaranteed, which, for example, is not the case with email.

  • Mobility
    Customers will receive the messages on their mobile handsets anytime and anywhere.

  • Affordability
    The cost of sending SMS messages is very low in comparison to any other medium : on average you will pay around 32 paisa to send each message. Prices drop as volumes increase.

  • Effectiveness
    The average SMS response rate is 18%, versus 3.5% for traditional promotional methods such as direct mail, TV, Radio and Print.

  • Personalization
    Text messages or personalized content is targeted to individuals who have opted to receive them.

  • Cross-medium form of marketing
    The mobile channel is highly complementary to press, radio and TV advertising.

  • Viral communication
    The mobile technology encourages viral marketing with the built-in tools for forwarding of the messages to the existing social networks.