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Digital Cinema Concept, Technology, and Process

Digital Cinema is a high technological concept of exhibiting and distributing movies. Various digital media are used (Fiber Optics, Satellite transmission etc) for transportation of digital signals and data, instead of analogue media (Prints) to record, transmit and replay images. Digital Cinema uses Digital video projectors instead of analogue projectors and servers which stores, transmit, retrieve and replay a huge amount of information exactly as it was originally recorded.

Advantages to Exhibitors

It is important that audience must have Digital Cinema experience at their nearest DigiCine Theater. So to make Digital Cinema a successful venture it is must that there must be great advantages for exhibitors.

With no investment in print cost a distributors is able to release the films at many theatres simultaneously across their territory. All B and C class cinemas will have benefits of simultaneous releases every week.


Simultaneous and widespread releases on first day first show basis raises the box office collections of the film at the theatres. There is approximate saving of 30 units per show in electricity it means, there is net saving of Rs. 212 per show. Coupled with savings on account of power consumption the profitability of the theatre owner goes up as depicted below:-


DigiCine servers have the capacity to store up to 10 to 15 films. Once the film has been stored on the server, the exhibitor shall have the flexibility to schedule the shows as per their requirements and the audience attendance patterns. There will be no risk for exhibitors, if any film released proves disaster, as they can run their favourite movie any show. All shows are now money making.


Digital Cinema helps exhibition to save more than 3 lacs/year(online base:4 shows everyday)in electricity cost and Rs.3.5lacs/year on bulb/electrode cost.there is no maintainces cost for exhibitor .For projector ect. we offer Hassel free exhibition


DigiCine provides consistent high quality images. Whereas earlier the B and C centres were getting films in the fifth or sixth week at which stage the prints had deteriorated in quality, now the theatres have access to high quality digital images and sound.


It is an advantage of DigiCine, that there Is no carbon di oxide and carbon in powder form is emitted and it helps to keep the environment eco friendly.

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